Monday, 23 February 2009

She Can't Help It

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  1. Farewell.
    I don’t know why I came down here and why here still I am.
    Compulsive desire of creation, unrefrainable appetite for beauty,
    for everything, flavours, faces, all the intricate life’s movements,
    scents, innocence, vulgarity, matches, flower, scissors, kiss me until I die,
    roofs, ghosts engraved in my flash, the sweetest kick in my face, rush sex, back and forward seahorses flouting for my joy, repulsive individuals, unidentified driving force, to love,
    existence’s enigmas, I want to test them, the world’s skin,
    I want to touch it, burst my body into luminous flames, with my eyes wide open,
    one with the blaze, I want to see everything exploding in front of me,
    smashing the all universe in a broken glass, I want to see.
    Everything looks back at me with animal eyes, starving for a sudden salvation,
    preys of carnivorous hands . I had always so many reasons to leave.

    I will not leave for one reason.