Monday, 23 February 2009


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  1. So,
    I suppose to be there with you, at the right time, in the place you chose, but im not, im rather by myself, i chose a dark room to be closer to you in my own way, i was before in a lake, i was naked and i was swimming amongst dragons, i thought to be free, and i thought you were coming to join me, and to see how deep can be the deep waters, then the room became even darker, and i was not waiting anymore for you, i took the red and the white, i let them giuide me, the red dragon, my body, the one i send to you, the one is still unknown to both, and if i swallow the secret liquid until my bones it will be the one, to reach to the sky.
    The White Stag, is my soul, is tangled to my flesh and to the darkest colours of myself, it feed me, when i am lost in the wood, and im starving and im cold, it bring me back, it remind me that life is grand, glorious, simply perfect.