Monday, 23 February 2009

Did You Ever


  1. I would love to see this hanging in a Cafe Nero, or Burger King, or somesuch.
    Despite my personal connection to this work, I find it scrapes along my spine like nails down blackboard.
    Laboratory society! Welcome to the world lol

  2. Despite your personal connection, I am grateful.

    He began to think of making a moving image of eternity: he brought order to the universe, he would make an eternal image, moving according to number, of eternity remaining in unity. Time.

    They have it. Loose it. They let it die. They let it fuck them.
    Mice and men, heaven sent prostitutes,
    trapped in their lustful cage of blindness, eyes smashed by iron bars,
    sensual interaction between death and bodies, more bodies,more death. And then a smile. We are all asking to look through the glass, pushed in this sterile, humid, cold laboratory , a white artificial light to break your soul a part, we push to see better through the glass, too see them to see us:
    one of them with turgid nipples red of nothingness,
    her friend too, not knowing it,
    and who wants to escape, squats till the floor of humiliation,
    begging to be taken and destroyed,
    corroded by a soundless acid, devoured by our starving eyes .

    Then a travel.

    Numbers through induction, deduction, back to the source, and again to the multitude.

    If someone will spare a word, before the gate of the amorphous labyrinth,
    it will be for love or for fun, someone will say simply : “I’ve just met a freak mouse/human mutant? I am asking the questions.”

    If we could wake up together tomorrow,
    with the secret of the cyclic time,
    I promise it has not to be a cage at all costs.

    My friend, that sweet little guinea-pigs will find a way into the system,
    Some of them will infect the central memory, hung from the cables, dieing as mute heroes.
    Someone will go to hang around at café’ nero.
    And then you’ll see some others announcing the Great Epidemic.

    If you will pay attention, you will hear him asking too late “ Did you ever get the ones I send to you?”

  3. "We have noticed this peculiar trait about human beings. If they find something they can do that doesn't work, they do it AGAIN. B.F. Skinner had a group of students who had done a lot of research with rats and mazes. And somebody asked them one day "What is the real difference between a rat and a human being?" Now, behaviourists not being terribly observant, decided that they needed to experiment to find out. They built a huge maze that was scaled up for a human. They took a control group of rats and taught them to run a small maze for cheese. And they took the humans and taught them to run the large maze for five-dollar bills. They didn't notice any really significant difference. There were small variations in the data and at the 95% probability level they discovered some significant difference in the number of trials to criterion or something. The humans were able to learn to run the maze somewhat better, a little bit quicker, than the rats.

    The really interesting statistics came up when they did the extinguishing part. They removed the five-dollar bills and the cheese and after a certain number of trials the rats stopped running the maze.... However, the humans never stopped!... They are still there!... They break into the labs at night."

    {Bandler/Grinder, 'Frogs into princes', 1979}