Monday, 23 February 2009

Alice In Wondering

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  1. She follows him into the hole...

    He runs against time...

    He's in late
    and someone will have his head cut off..

    White, he seams pure, untouched, but he consumes at every second passing.Time.

    Full,part,wasted,the good&bad, white, it runs ,a beast of pray, but who's really the prey?

    Time's power of capturing us, shining eyes into ours, still, a glasshour of sensuality, ambiguity, deep into a fourth dimention of past and future at the same glipse of existence.

    It's the white death, so rightouse, so perfect and powerful.

    She follows the white rabbit...
    Fast as only life, folly stricken she let him take her everytime, anyway, over again, into the unknown.