Monday, 23 February 2009

An Honest Woman

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  1. It's her very hand, but it's like someone else's,

    dark and grotesque pushing inside her scarlet secrets, sex and power against a landscape of reality in flash and blood.
    Her hand, an external, extraneous part of her body,yet her belonging,to which she subdued, a potent primordial force that chooses for her and takes over her deliberately.

    A spotlighton the hypocritical aspect of media's way to present women's body as an eternal and granted sexual object, something to recall all the primal driving toward a distorted idea of power, using it as the first mean of publicity for any product in which buttocks and boobs would not surely be of any active importance.

    In the meanwhile we witness this burlesque parody of social morality and men/women's identification with a "same page" idea of interpersonal relation to a social reality in which, I believe, we have more honesty in a porno magazine than in a commercial for a mobile phone or somesuch in which half naked women offer their bodies as a mean of business interest.

    Here there's no a moralistic thought, rather a fascinated conclusion.

    Our honest woman in fact simply expresses the reality as it is, with no shame for her misery.

    Her body transmuting in her own executioner, her endless lust embodied in her mouth, violated victim of unspoken truth.

    If you look at her for a while
    she may tell you her story..
    And you may even would want to hear it.