Friday, 10 April 2009



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  2. The action of creation is lurid, the most chthonian aspect of nature, terrifying, startling and cruel in its perfection. it’s not beautiful, it’s beyond esthetical forms, it’s a bloody and ecstatic cry of triumph..
    whatever I create I cannot see beauty, only willingness of being created…the vast, unreachable horizon of serene acceptance of the own existence resists my race, whichever it may be, it’s cursed.
    Only a miracle will save me from becoming normal, ceasing to see what others see unseeable…my age decides for me, everyday closed in this parody of becoming, closer to be what the world aspects me to be, a wide greedy ravenous uterus, grave of other’s life..and a sensual voracious body of misery…unappeasable hive of monsters and delirium, vanity, be beautiful be right be a fucking opportunist to survive to this reality of cages and beasts and phantoms dressed up with uniforms and faces full of flash and overwhelming seclusion. Be good, be strong, be a woman, whatever the fuck this should mean, just so much tears in my eyes I cannot even see it…so much love, so much unbearable love do not allowed me to live..if only I could hate, even a little, then I would be one of this land of insanity, be with the insane and be insane my self, but I cannot, I am not crazy and I can only see what exists truly, not what has been made exiting.
    How to survive with dignity my friend.. How.

    This city, where artists are more middleclass then middleclass it self , damn greatest humorous violence and caresses, with no logic but the one of the oblivious ,this tentacles of desire and castigation, somehow will show us the true face of immortality, the one hidden behind our dreams.

  3. "For within you is the light of the world - the only light that can be shed upon the Path. If you are unable to perceive it within you, it is useless to look for it elsewhere. It is beyond you, because when you reach it you have lost yourself. It is unattainable, because it for ever recedes. You will enter the light, but you will never touch the Flame." (Light on the Path)