Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Queen Of Lost Time

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  1. Queen Of Lost Time6 May 2009 at 04:32

    Dance with me, o human flesh,
    desert shore of liquids and spasms,
    Don't be ashamed to die today,
    Follow my steps fading away,
    follow my song that leads to the same.
    Feel no fear if your eyes decompose,
    I promise you unexpected horizons,
    I will give you the knowledge unwritten,
    all your desire red sealed in my lips.
    But be aware, follow me attentive,
    as I’m for you, as I’m your guide
    That made one day what colours your eyes
    That gave away to your body life.
    Look at me carefully, to then recognize me
    In those reflections that time will indulge,
    those of whom you and your spirit will crave,
    those of whom you and your mind will be worthy,
    those you will hear till inside your veins,
    those that alive when you arise from the dream
    of your own life will know everything.

    Dances with me, queen of the lost time
    Love only me, your deceitful bride.