Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Star's Will

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  1. from other worlds13 May 2009 at 16:23

    When the search of the other became folly, the man mirrored himself in his own hands.

    And what an astonishment was for him to see his fingers terminating in nothingness, penetrating the sordid of space transparency, stained with obsessions.

    When reduced the nature of the encounter to the mere possession of the object, the only road to follow was the loss, and yet to lose the only sign of victory, the only way to find oneself.

    And it is here that I find the truth of love, the game of shadows and lights in between hunters of alive flashes and preys of spasms. Here I saw the illusion of the need, necessities of the sexes, of being taken to not be lost.

    A torture under skin this making of oneself a use, for others, the other, other.

    And the paradox burns my soul and kicks in my thought’s mouth.
    Because the loss is mastery of realism and yet never defeated, and just by having it is the only 'I am' of dieing.

    Then I watch you losing, my love. And in the loss I see the foolish ambitions of who searches one another.
    Nothing but a carnal possession of the mind, to humiliate my animal body, with primordial caresses, your lips on my belly.

    Till at the limit of senses comes the doubt that having from oneself yet never could be granted.

    But you will see instead, what will be the anatomy of the encounter, in that road covered with the unseen, you will lose, losing victoriously. For who let the own body wearing flames, burning in the far away with the first sun,
    where the path is to mortal gaze invisible, and to have won in us the hell the only goal.

    Give me the freedom of a neat bleeding: The body, only one move.

    And how noble is the way of who does not search to find. Of who in his own finding knows how to be research.

    And writers, lost in the roads of foreigners cities, may you be your sole attack and only final.

    Because when death will take your body I know that you will want to write to her.

    And you will want to say to be my other.

    That yesterday I lost it all.

    That today It’s me to win.